Hey, what’s up, podcast family? Alex here. I want to talk about some crazy stuff that’s been happening. I’m in the middle of a launch right now. I’m recording this as the launch is ending because it’s fresh in my mind. Today I’m going to talk about how to effectively execute a launch with affiliates, how to launch Jack an offer as an affiliate and the many other things that I learned from Matt’s 5,001 Email Swipes, a product launch.

One of the things that I want to just preface this with is this podcast has been created specifically for those of you that are listening now that are looking to make money online, and for those of you that have information products. You’re going to get a ton out of this, so I highly recommend taking some notes because you’re going to get some inspiration. I just went through a launch with probably one of the best email marketers in the world right now. But if you’re not looking to make money online and you don’t have an info product, then I just want to let you know this, this podcast while it will give you a lot of insight into the world of internet marketing, it’s really not designed for those of you that are specifically focused on a product or service outside of internet marketing.

Let’s dive into what Matt did. First let me give you an overview of who Matt is and what this product is. So Matt is, his last name is Bacaka, B-A-C-A-K-A. Sounds like Basock, I don’t know. Anyways, so I’m just going to call him Matt. So I’ve been following Matt for a while now and he just released a product about two weeks ago now called the 5001 Email Swipes. What that is is basically every single email that he’s written he’s saved as a text file, zipped them up and is selling them.

So he did a couple of things. First he made that as a product. Then he created a brand new thing that he had never done before and he made it as a bonus and it that was his Five Emails to Send to a Dead List. The whole goal was he’s putting out these emails that people are used to seeing. They know that they’re successful, they know that they work because they’ve been getting them and Matt has made multi, multi millions of dollars just sending emails to people. And then he created a brand new thing based on everything that he has learned on how to resurrect a dead list. Now he knew a couple of things when he created this.

So there’s a couple of notes to take right off the bat when it comes to product creation. Number one, create a product that your audience already has experience with, they already trust that you’re good at it. That’s what Matt did. He’s an email marketer. He put out all of his emails. Brilliant move. The second thing that Matt did that was really good is he created a new product that has never been out there before and he made it as a free bonus. In other words, you can only get this thing as a bonus to the product that the main core product. So that’s the first thing to take note of, release what people know that you’re good at.

The second thing that he did is he has a launch. So he had a start date and he has an end date. The end date, January 7th. Now the product is still available, but during the launch he discounted the price. And let me get to the price in just a second because what he did is smart. I’m not sure if I’ll do it, but I liked his strategy. So what he did is he put a start date and an end date to it and he made a fun affiliate contest. And what does that do? Now for those of us that are in the affiliate marketing game, we are so competitive. We love being the best. And he did something that was fun, he actually created some trophies that he’s going to give away. So the person who sells the most product gets a trophy that they can hang saying that they’re the world’s best affiliate marketer. I forget exactly what the trophy says, but I thought that was so fun. It’s like you get this acknowledgement of your skills as an affiliate marketer.

And so by putting a start and end date to it, what he did is he created a launch. He created an urgency, a scarcity to this. And when people sign up, they’re not signing up for this longterm, like, I’m going to learn the product and then go for it. They’re signing up to basically run the sprint with Matt now, somebody that they know and trust during the short period of time so that they can work together to put this launch together. So something to consider as you launch new products, as you release new products is to do a launch where during this launch cycle, the product that you’re putting out is a little bit cheaper and maybe there’s some bonuses that are not available outside of the launch. So very cool.

So by doing that and getting us affiliates excited about this, he got some big affiliate names involved that may not have been involved if it wasn’t for this launch. He also incentivize people with cash prices as well. So the first place winner gets, I think it’s like $5,000 cash. Second gets 2000. And I think it’s up to five, the fifth place person gets like 200 bucks. So the first thing that he did that was really smart was he released a product that people already knew he was good at. The second thing that he did was he got a lot of affiliates excited about promoting it during this two week launch.

The third thing that he did that I thought was very interesting is he kept putting out fun little surprises. So when he first released the offer, it was the 5,001 Email Swipes, but then he added bonuses. Now I’ve seen other people do this before, but he reminded me about the effectiveness of the strategy because what he did or the energy that he created by releasing these new bonuses and what it felt like to me as the affiliate was that he was listening to us because he was saying, Hey, what should I create? What should I add? What do your people want? And as he got input, he created new bonuses. And so that made us feel like we were heard, which is very important that your affiliates know that you’re heard. If we’re looking at different types of referral relationships, who are affiliates are some of the most incentivized, motivated, and the biggest action takers because they know that they’re going to get paid. So what he’s doing is he’s feeding us. As we’re giving insight and input, he’s feeding us what we’re looking for during this affiliate launch. Brilliant.

The other thing that he did was as far as the way that he kept the energy up during the launch, besides adding new bonuses, was also coming up with, again, as he’s listening to us, coming up with new sales copy for us to use and send out to our list so it’s not just the one that he created. As he’s watching new bonuses, he’s also including sales letters that we can send out to our list, which was fun. I didn’t take part in all of those, but it was fun. It was just cool to see what else Matt’s going to come up with.

Now let’s talk about his strategy. So again, he released the product, he made it a launch, he’s doing cash prizes. One of the things that he did that I thought was interesting is the first line, I guess the first product that you would get, it was a 100% commission. So after his fees were paid, the affiliate got 100% which means that for that first product, whether you’re buying it the first day or the last, the price went up, which I’ll get to in a second. So it’s called a dime sale, where as people buy, the price goes up. So what he was doing was he was giving away 100%. Now you may be thinking, why would he do that? Why would he give 100% away? Because he knows that he’s building his list of people who now trust him that these affiliates are sending to him. So it’s brilliant. He’s adding a whole bunch of people to his list and he’ll be able to monetize for years to come.

The other thing is he had three, three offers after that. And I don’t know how many of them sold. My people didn’t like them that much. So that doesn’t mean as a whole they didn’t do well. But he had three different one time offers after that first sale, so there was a lot of ways for him to monetize on the back end as well as the lifetime value of the customer. The other thing that he did was, like I mentioned, I hinted at, he did a dime sale. So when it first started, the 5,001 Email Swipes were $7 and the price gradually went up until the end of the launch. At Tuesday night when the launch is over, the price goes to $97. As of right now while I’m talking to you, the price is somewhere around $18. And so the more people that buy, the higher the price goes. Which means that people when they want to buy, they know if I don’t buy it now but I want to buy it tomorrow, I risk paying more.

So it’s getting people to take action, which I think is an interesting strategy. I won’t probably use it for my stuff, but I thought it was interesting because again it brought more urgency to it. And that’s one of the things that as internet marketers we have to really… sometimes you have to work hard to come up with that urgency. What is the urgency of people buying now? So by him combining the launch date end as well as every… I think it’s like every hour it went up 10 cents, it made it so that you wanted to take action right now to get the product.

The other things I thought were super fun as you’re creating your own launch and crafting your product, he did interviews inside of Facebook groups. I didn’t have him in mind. A couple of reasons. One, I wasn’t a huge promoter of this. I think I saw his product and was like, “Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun.” And so on a whim I sent an email out on New Year’s Eve to a few of my… to a very small segment of my list. And then I followed up with the people that expressed interest and then I emailed to my large list. I emailed and let people know about what was going on and I got a few more sales. I think at the time of this writing, I think I have close to 25 or 30 sales, something like that. And so it’s successful for what it was. I mean there’s not a lot of people that like email. So I let people know what was going on and then I let them take action as they wanted to. But it was fun. The energy was up the whole time. There was constantly new things that were happening during the short launch. Matt was very engaged. He’s sitting on creating bonuses kind of on the fly almost, supporting us, the more active affiliates as they launch. And it was just a great time.

So for you that are looking to launch a product, go over the things that Matt did on his launch, review what was fun, what sounds interesting to you, what you think would work for your people and take action on it. One of the things that you can really learn from Matt is how to keep your affiliates engaged, promoting and mailing. Because man, he had his affiliates just continue to promote over and over and over again and that’s what really drove up his sales.

So I hope this was inspiring to you to see what the heck I’m talking about with these swipe files. Go to alexbranning.com/5001. Alexbranning.com/5001. That’ll take you to the 5,001 Email Swipes from Matt. Have a great day.


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