Hey guys, somebody asked me what I would do to make money if I could no longer run the Branning Group, or a business like it. In this scenario I would have to start over from scratch.

Now, before I dive into this, I just want to let you know, I would not be too worried about that because even though I lost my source of revenue I would still have my mindset and my work ethic. Let me go from start to finish on how I would rebuild my seven figure business.

Well, I would start by first getting a sales job. Let’s say that I work in a car lot. I’m good at sales, so I would get a job where I can focus on the one thing. And that’s the first success principle I want to go over, only do what makes you money. Too many business owners and entrepreneurs get trapped into doing every little task around their business. The second thing that I would do is, I would get a Google voice number to be used for this position. And after my first check I would invest part of that check into a part time VA who can help me follow up. Success principle number two is, outsource. Outsource as soon as possible before you need it. Start outsourcing right away because it’s like when you work out and you’re building up those muscles that you’re focusing on. When you start to outsource before you even need to, you’re building up those delegation muscles.

The third thing I would do is I would ask the car lot for some old dead leads so I could follow up with them. I would have my VA text them all with an invitation to test drive one of the cars on the lot that they indicated they would want. Success principle number three, the fortune is in the followup. If you are worried about prospecting or hearing the word no, I want to encourage you that the rhythm of prospecting is no, no, no, no, yes. In other words, you’re not going to get to the yes until you get past your wall of nos. Now, when I hit it off with a prospect or customer, I make them an offer. If they send me a friend who buys a car from me, I’ll send them a $50 gift card to their favorite restaurant as a thank you, which leads me to the success principle number four, strategically build a referral team.

After a month of being on this new job as a car salesman, I’d have made a couple sales. I would have a VA texting 20 to 30 leads per day. I would have a few customers keeping their eye out to send me referrals and I’m on my way to building a business for myself within a business of the car lot that I’m working at. Once I’m established and doing pretty well for myself, getting back on my feet, then now would either, a, jump to a new position that has a higher per sale commission, maybe solar or real estate, or I would use it as a side hustle. I would be able to leverage the relationships that I’ve cultivated at the car lot to give me a kickstart in the new opportunity, which leads me to success principle number five. Find ways to maximize the profit from your skillset.

Now I’d look to start the side hustle after about three to four months. By the end of the year, that 12 months, I’d have a referral army that I’m regularly communicating with because even if it’s small, even if my referral team is small, it helps a lot to have others sending you leads. I would have a sales job that allows me to focus on my strengths, a followup team and multiple streams of income with the first job that I had at the car lot, and the side hustle of either real estate or solar. You can strip everything away from me, but my mindset and my skillset will help me to bounce back quickly.

I want to segue from that into some exciting news that I’m doing. I’m in the process, I’ve been building my digital marketing agency for a while now. And I’m in the process of expanding. Expanding from, I have the branding group and I’m going to keep that. I have an amazing solid team. I’m creating a complimentary company that is going to go along with that. And that is an appointment setting company. They’re going to call the leads that are generated and set appointments. I’m really excited about that. And the reason why I’m doing that is number one, I see an opportunity for a great additional entity that will not only feed the customers that I’m bringing in at the branding group, but it will also help me to… because the people that reach out for the appointment setters are also going to need new leads.

So it’s a great way to create another entity where I’m not only serving the customers that I’m bringing in, but it’s a way for me to get introduced to new customers. So it’s a really good symbiotic relationship. I’m basically building my own power partner relationship with another company. So I’m very excited about that, so please keep your eyes out on that. And for those of you that want to learn more about my mindset and you want to work with me and see how I think and you want me to speak into your business, I would encourage you to join my VIP program every Friday morning. We go live on a live call. Be able to answer questions, help you overcome the things that are bugging you, and get you to that next level. Go to alexbranning.com/vip to learn more. I’ll talk to you guys later. Thanks.


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