All right, you guys. Today, we are on chapter three of the four introductory chapters to my new book that is coming out. We’re going to go over the profile funnel, which is where I talk about how to use your Facebook personal profile, not your business page, but your personal profile to generate leads for your business. So, for those of you that are going, “Man, I really wish I could get free leads,” take some notes because we got everything in this episode. If you want to learn more about the profile funnel and grab my free guide, go to Let’s dive right into the audio book.

The fourth and final strategy found in this book is one of my favorites. I call it the profile funnel. The reason this is one of my favorites is because it only uses free strategies. There are no expensive tools involved, and there is no ad spend. The profile funnel works by turning your personal Facebook profile into a sales funnel by driving your audience into your Facebook group. This will allow you to use Facebook to generate free leads that turn into conversations. It works by utilizing a part of your Facebook profile, the featured photo, that encourages the people checking you out to go and visit your Facebook group. Inside of the Facebook group, you can ask them three questions before they join. One of those questions should be for their email address so that you can add them into your database. Once they have joined your group, they see in the group announcement welcoming all new members that you’re giving away a prize to a random member of the group once a month.

Instead of taking them to a giveaway funnel, this time you take them to a chat bot. Chat bots using free, chat bots are free. When they click to enter the giveaway, you ask them a couple of questions to determine if they’re a good lead for you. Now that they are a member of your group, they will get to know you. They’ll be much more likely to buy from you because they get familiar with you. The more the prospect communicates with you, the more likely you are to earn their business. All of this was done for free. Adding a photo to your Facebook profile is free. Setting up a Facebook group is free. Setting up this chat bot is free. You grew your Facebook group, you grew your chat bot list, and you gained a new email address that you can market to.

I’m going to walk you through the user experience for this strategy. Let’s say that Jeff becomes Facebook friends with you or sees one of your Facebook posts. He goes to check out your Facebook profile. He sees a picture inviting him to join your free Facebook group where you’re giving away a prize. He clicks on that photo and is redirected to your Facebook group. After clicking to join the group, he is asked three questions, that is currently the limit set by Facebook when people go to join your group, and he submits his answers. Once you review his answers, you click Accept. Now he’s in your group. Now there is a welcome. There’s a group announcement at the very top saying how they can finish signing up for the free giveaway, and it’s got a link. On that link it takes him to a chat bot sequence. He clicks it and a messenger pops up from you from your Facebook page walking him through the final steps to enter into this fun giveaway.

Jeff gets really excited, clicks on it, starts answering the questions that you have. On your chat bot, Jeff has asked a couple of short questions and is thanked for entering your giveaway. Jeff is going to feel good about this. It’s hard not to feel positive about the opportunity to win something valuable from someone you don’t know. Over the course of the next few weeks, Jeff is going to get to know you more as you continue to post in your group, and he’s going to learn to start to trust you. Again, we’re using the law of familiarity to earn their trust and earn their business. The first person that’s going to come to mind when people start talking about insurance should be you. Now that he sees your Facebook posts on a regular basis, you’re emailing him on a regular basis, you’re gaining his business over the long-term, and it all starts with him interacting with you on the Facebook profile. Isn’t that cool?

Let’s talk about the agent experience. What do you have to do to execute this strategy? Well, the first thing is to create a Facebook group. The purpose of this group is not to shove sales pitches down everyone’s throat. The purpose is to create a fun and engaging group for people in your community. You should highlight fun events in the community, give great advice about insurance, and make it worth it for someone to be a part of the group. Every once in awhile you can make a soft sales pitch. You really just want people to get to know you, like you, and trust you. If you’re constantly making sales pitches, then you’re going to turn people off.

When you set this group up, you need to add in the ability to ask questions to everyone who wants to join. Facebook has this option built in. You just need to turn it on and tell them what questions to ask. Inside of your Facebook group, click on Moderate Group. Then under Member Requests, there’s the option for Ask Pending Members Questions. I have this entire thing laid out visually inside of the PDF that you get when you requested this book. Inside of the Facebook group, go ahead and make your post now offering a prize, and connect your chat bot to it. Once you make the post, click on the down arrow at the top right of the post, and click on Mark As Announcement. This will keep the post at the top of the group for everyone to see as soon as they enter in.

Now that you have your group all ready to go, head over to your personal profile. Under the intro section, you have the ability to create a featured photo and add a link to that photo. I currently have a photo of myself across the bottom of the photo. There’s an encouragement to join with a link right underneath it. It’s so easy to use from the Facebook profile, the people that are getting connected with you. It’s so easy for you. Once you’ve set it up, you have it on autopilot. Literally takes zero dollars to execute this. The people that are entering into your giveaway, because they’re messaging your page, you have an opportunity now to jump into a conversation with them.

The Facebook profile is a great way to generate leads and create excitement around you and your business. When you get someone inside of your group, the odds of them buying from you increase significantly because they get to know you as a person. Everyone wants to buy from someone they already know rather than some other big corporate company. To learn more about this strategy, to get over the shoulder video demonstrations of how to set all of this up, head over to That’s


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