Hey. What’s going on, you guys? Thank you so much for the great response from last week’s podcast episode. Today, I am continuing, and today you’ll be hearing the audio book chapter for my video, Domino. Diving into that, we are getting so close to the launch of the book. I’m excited. I will be announcing it and doing some really fun stuff when it is ready to publish. In the meantime, let’s dive into the video, Domino.The next marketing strategy that I’m going to talk about is the video domino. A common question we get is how do I know who to target on Facebook? There are so many options, yet none of them are exactly what I want. I’m tired of getting garbage leads. Well, in this chapter we are going to explain a strategy that will allow you to make Facebook tell you who was a good lead for you.

I call this my video domino strategy and it utilizes the custom audience feature found inside of the ads manager. Did you know that you can set up a custom audience based on how long someone watches one of your videos? We know that if someone watches 50% or 75% of your video, they’re interested in what you’re talking about and are most likely a warm lead. As soon as they watch a certain amount of your video, you can add them into a custom audience that you can send retargeting ads to.

You know these people that are interested so you can go into selling them and you have to offer. Creating an audience like this will allow you to significantly cut your ROI because you are targeting people that have told you based on their actions, they are interested. It’s amazing.

Now marketing is a contact sport. Needing to have an average of seven contacts before someone will act on your ad. The video domino allows this to happen and make sure that you are making those contacts of people that are interested in you. Someone that is generally interested in your product. We’ll take a few minutes to watch you explain the big benefits and listen to you make an offer at the end. On average, you will only have to pay pennies per view of this first two to three minute video.

Now, as a general rule of thumb, humans feel safer around the people they recognize. You can use that law of your familiarity to your advantage by following prospects that have expressed interest in your product or service with a short video. The more they see your face and hear your voice, the more likely they are to trust you to take the next step.

Now, the video domino strategy works by leveraging multiple proven sales and psychology techniques. So let’s get into what it looks like. The user experience. Now Ryan is scrolling through Facebook and your video catches his attention. You have about a two and a half minute video talking about a new life insurance that is available to young married men. Now, remember what I said earlier about how you can get really specific on who you’re targeting. You can make sure that your video only shows up to young 25 to 40 married males in the area where you are licensed to sell insurance.

Isn’t that exciting? All right, let’s continue. Now, Ryan watches about 90% of your video because what you are talking about was something that he’s interested in. He didn’t keep scrolling through Facebook but didn’t take any action on your ad and that’s okay, by the way. We have got him. Ryan, because he watched a lot of your video has now been added to a custom audience. Inside of your ad’s manager. Boom, the video domino worked. You got Ryan in.

Now Ryan is going to start seeing a shorter video that you’ve made. Now this long video talks about this life insurance policy and how it benefits him. The shorter video talks about, “Hey, you watched my video on life insurance. I want to just connect with you so I can make you a quick quote.” It’s a very short video. You’re talking directly to the person who already knows who you are.

Now the agent experience. Let’s talk about what you need to do to make this happen. You’re going to be surprised at how easy this is to get a successful video marketing strategy off the ground. The first thing that you’ll need to do is to shoot a video, introducing yourself, sharing testimonies, what you have to offer to the person watching and then end the video with a soft call to action. We aren’t necessarily trying to sell with this video. When we do make sales. That’s awesome, but it’s not the goal. We want people to watch this video and tell us that they’re a warm lead by how long they keep watching our video. Now after the video is done, you will want to launch a video views Facebook ad campaign. Using this video. Set up a broad targeting audience in the location that you want and let it run.

Once it is launched, you will need to set up your video views, custom audience inside of your Facebook ads manager. Now I describe how to do that in my book, so I encourage you to do that. It’s very difficult to describe over audio. So it is inside the book. Now once you’ve launched your ad and created your custom audience, now we need to create the retargeting ads. Now we’ve got a lot of these scripts ready to go at videodomino.live. Here’s the key. The longer you let this campaign go, in other words, don’t stop it after just a couple of days because then it won’t work. Let it go for 30 days.

The longer you let this campaign go, you have your two minute video that describes how you can help the person watching it with the product that you’re talking about. You have testimonials of other people that have also had success with this or I’ve been helped by your product and you make a call to action. That first video captures their attention and educates them on what you do.

The retargeting videos that follow them around, encourage them to set up a call with you. Now we’re using psychology here. The more they see your face, the more they recognize you, which means the more they trust you. Now when you make a call to action to them, that feels low to no risk. Like set up a call or get a free quote. You’re more likely to get them to take action once they know and trust you.

Now the video domino works really well because the people who are responding to you, responding to the ads, asking for a free quote, they already know what it is that you’re offering because your video has done such a good job. These leads are very hot because there is no more guessing. They know what you’re selling and they’re interested in talking to you about it. The video domino is an amazing way to target interested people. Once you get it set up, you can just let it work. You don’t need to do anything except follow up with leads and make sales. This truly is an automated machine that will work 24/7 for you to bring in leads.

Now to learn more about this strategy, grab all of my video scripts that we have written specifically for different insurance products, and that gives you an over the shoulder demonstration of how to set all this stuff up. Head over to videodomino.live. That’s videodomino.live, not.com. Dot live.


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