Hey, what’s going on guys? Alex Branning here, your marketing coach. I want to talk to you today about why you should care about Facebook ads. Now, Facebook ads are one of the best ways to drive a predictable number of leads and sales into your business, but it’s a little bit scary. And if you’ve never done them before or if you’ve tried it and had a hard time making it work, there’s a hesitation to get back into it or to start them for the very first time. My goal on this podcast episode is not to pressure you into doing Facebook ads, but to encourage you and inspire you with some ideas that you can use for your ad campaign and give you some… I think some quick wins.

So let’s first talk about what Facebook ads are. For those of you who are new to this, it gives you the ability to talk to a very specific person. So you can set up an audience that speaks to women age 35 to 50 that drive a luxury automobile in a certain zip code. So you can get really focused in on sending this lead to cold, in other words, people who don’t know you, cold traffic. You can also set up custom audiences on Facebook. In other words, you can upload your database and then send an ad just to them. You can also set up a custom audience on Facebook with people who have visited your website or specific pages of your website and send ads just to them. You can also send ads to people that watched a video, watched a certain amount of your video, et cetera, and so there are some quick wins that you can get and I want to give you some ideas on an ad campaign that you can run right now.

I recommend taking a short cell phone video of yourself and making an offer for people to reach out to you to set up an appointment, and then having that only go to the people that have visited your website because those are people that have already expressed interest. Run that ad for give or take $5 a day for a month and see how many people reach out to you because they saw your ad. Now if your cost per sale is anywhere from $50 to $100, I believe that that one single ad will pay for itself and even create a profit. And that’s all you have to do.

Isn’t that amazing? Facebook ads are so easy to set up and they drive traffic to you when they’re done well. Here’s another few examples that you can look at using for yourself. I recommend doing a video where you share some of the pain points in your business. You talk about the benefits of working with you, you share some client testimonials, they make a strong offer. This is the first video in my Video Domino strategy, which you can get free at videodomino.live. That’s videodomino.live. And in that, using that strategy, you are attracting people who are interested in what you are offering. If they watch it for a certain amount of time, you know they’re interested except if they cut out right away, that’s okay. But if they cut out right away, they’re probably not interested in what you’re talking about. And then at the end you make an offer. Now, if they don’t go for that offer, then you can put those people that have watched, say half of your video but did not fill out the offer, you can put them into a custom audience inside of Facebook and then retarget those people with a much shorter video encouraging them to reach out to you.

So that’s the Video Domino strategy. That is probably one of the most profitable campaigns that we run. We just do it over and over and over again. It works really well. Also, you can upload, like I said, your customer audience, but check this out. You can target your customer file with some upsells and other offers and bringing them back in or setting up appointments. But you can also create what’s called a lookalike audience on Facebook. What that means is that you can upload a customer file of say 100 of your best customers and you can tell Facebook, “I want you to find people just like them.” And so let’s say you upload your customer file and you create a lookalike audience from that, and your goal is to work with people that are just like your target customers within a 60 mile radius of your office.

You can create an ad that reaches out to that lookalike audience, the people that are similar to your customers. You can give Facebook geographic boundaries, in other words, picking certain zip codes or certain radius from your office, and then you can even add in, say, “You know what, out of these people, I really only want this ad to go to the people that are lookalikes of my customers that are within these zip codes and then have shopped or bought something on Facebook in the last 30 days.”, because now you know that they’re spending money. Isn’t that amazing? There’s so many cool things that you can do with Facebook ads. I would encourage you, if you’re like, “Man, I really wish I knew how to do this myself. Go to FB for Facebook, F as in Frank, B as in Boy, fbads101.com. I have a course that I’ve set up just for you so that it actually walks you through all the Facebook ads, what you can do, how you actually set all this stuff up.

You get an over the shoulder demonstration, it’s going to be great, so go get that fbads101.com and if you’re like, “Man, that Video Domino thing sounds great, what is that? Go to videodomino.live. We have that ready for you. It’s free. You can download the guide that walks you through how to set this up. If you need the scripts, you can get that as well and take action. Facebook ads are one of the easiest ways for you to create a predictable stream of leads and sales, and it’s not something that you have to like, yeah, you can go for that million dollar ad campaign. Here at the Branning Group, so far this year, we’ve set up, I believe we’ve done five. It’s either four or five. I think the fifth one crossed $1 million this year, but you don’t need to go for a big campaign.

You can go for adding $10,000 to your business with a really well done Facebook ad that targets specific people within your city, your region, or within a 60 mile radius of where you are. You can get.. Just bring your customers back in. You can use Facebook ads to do that. Facebook ads are a great way to multiply your money, so to learn more, go to fbads101.com. Grab my Video Domino, my video marketing scripts, at videodomino.live and go for it. Try Facebook ads. If you need any help, you get stuck, go to alexbranning.com/call. It’s alexbranning.com/call. I’m here to help you. On our call, we can go over your campaign and address any issues you have where you’re having a hard time making it work.


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