Hey. what’s going on, guys? I want to talk about why you should care about YouTube. This is in my Soft Top Hard Talk series, but as you can see if you’re watching this on my IGTV or YouTube, I’m actually in my office. But I want to talk to you about why you should start YouTube videos and what it’s going to mean for your business.

Now a lot of the people, a lot of entrepreneurs, are scared to get in front of the video. I’ll be honest with you, I was too. I did not like being on video. It’s not something that’s comfortable for me. I’m getting a lot better at it, but it is not something that came naturally to me. Going in front of the camera, being on camera was not something I was excited about. However, it has dramatically changed my business. The more that I published, the more than I’m out there, the more that people see me, the more that people find me, the more people reach out to do business with me, which has just been amazing.

But for those of you that are not on YouTube yet, I wanted to show you why you should be on YouTube, but then more importantly, give you tips on what to do next. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine ever? It’s Google, and then YouTube, and then Bing, and then all the others. YouTube is continuing to grow and will only get better.

What videos do you want to make? Well, I would encourage you, if you’re looking at this … One of the questions I get when I talk to people about YouTube is, “Alex, I don’t have equipment or a studio or any of that expensive stuff.” You can see my studio here, if you’re on IGTV or YouTube. But you know what? This all got developed. I added to my studio as my videos made money. I started with just a phone and then it grew from there. I did more videos and I got better. The first videos I did, terrible. The second videos that I did, the fifth, the tenth, not that great. By the time I got to my fifteenth or twentieth, I was doing all right. I was doing pretty good. I had one video hit, one video that did really good and started to change the game for me. I’ve probably generated a little over 10,000 maybe $15,000 from that one video where I talked about funnels and how they can help insurance agents. It changed the game for me.

People started finding me. I was like, how are these people finding me? They’re like, oh, I saw your YouTube video. I saw your video. I saw what you posted. I saw you on YouTube. I watched your video. I started getting all these comments. I’m like, oh my gosh, this is so cool. I was not proud of the video when I made it. I posted it because we had gone through the hassle of creating it, but I wasn’t super proud of it. But it worked.

For you, something to keep in mind, is that if you bring content, it doesn’t really matter how you look. It doesn’t really matter how you feel about the presentation. What matters is did you deliver value? Is the viewer going to walk away from that video feeling like they learned something? The most important thing, are you making it really clear what to do next? I cannot emphasize enough that especially when you’re making an educational video, the key for you to monetizing your YouTube presence is to make it very clear for the user, for the viewer, what to do next after they’re done watching the video.

For example, with my insurance funnels video, the one that just blew up, we had a strong call to action at the end. We said, “If you want to learn more, you can schedule a call with me by going to AlexBranning.com/Call and I’m here to help.” People were following those instructions and hiring us and it just kept happening. People continued to reach out and be like, “I want to talk to you. I want to learn more about how you can help me.” It was awesome.

You can do the same thing for your niche, for your product. I don’t care if there’s a lot of other people doing it. You can do the same exact thing. You can create a YouTube video, you can post that video up on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and everywhere else you have videos, and continue to leverage the content. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have studio equipment. What matters is you’re making a video that your audience wants to see.

All right, so now that I’ve gone on my little rant, what videos should you make? Number one, the first video is start typing in a how-to video, like how to blank for your business, for your service. For me, how to use funnels to generate insurance leads. That was a huge, that was big. That video gets a lot of hits. How to send a broadcast in click funnels. That worked for me. Other ones that we’ve helped our clients do. How to change a toilet handle. That was a video that we made. We posted it on YouTube and Facebook. It did phenomenal on both platforms. Generated a lot of leads for our client.

Another video could be the best blank. If you’re talking about if you’re in a network marketing company, you’re like, okay, well how do I talk about my products? There’s so many people that are talking about it. Well, you can get really specific. The best weight loss product for 43-year-old women. Oh my gosh. I’m a 43-year-old woman. What is that? The best blank.

Here’s a cool little trick. If you start typing in the product or service that you’re looking to sell with your video, YouTube will give you an auto-correct on the search term. What that auto-correct is telling you is what people are actually using to search for your product or service, which is really cool. That’s how we figure it out. I think it was the last round of videos that we were doing, that’s how we figured out what videos to make is based on what people are actually searching for. Because if we put in the keyword, that’s exactly what people are searching for. It’s very likely that our videos are going to get shown. If do a good job presenting the video, then people watch it. When they watch it and they watch it to the end and it’s a strong call to action, then they follow the instructions and they set up a call with us or they go to learn more information.

The key is find out what people are searching for and then make videos that address their questions or their needs. That’s the key. If you’re like, I don’t know what to do, you can make the simplest videos. Even if there’s a thousand of the same ones, make that video, post it up on YouTube, share it on Facebook and LinkedIn, because your audience, even though there’s a lot of other people sharing the same message, your audience wants to hear it from you. If they want to support you, sharing your video’s an easy way for them to do that. It gives them the satisfaction of supporting your business and it puts you in front of more people.

There is no reason not to do videos. There is no reason not to get started on YouTube. If you’re like, “Alex, how do I do this? What are the steps I need to take?” I got something for you. It is my Video Marketing 101. You can go to my website, AlexBranning.com, Video Marketing 101 is there. Click on that and we have everything for you. We have how to do live video. We have equipment ideas for you with links so you can grab it. You don’t have to go searching and trying to figure this stuff out. We have the video ideas and topics. We have how to create a YouTube Channel, how to upload the YouTube, the whole thing. It’s all included in Video Marketing 101. You’ll want to go there and pick that up if you’re stuck. We have it all laid out for you. We’ve done all the hard work. We’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the over-the-shoulder tutorials, so you can get started on this.

I believe that video marketing is only going to grow, I believe YouTube could be the one thing that puts your business over the top, and I believe there’s absolutely no reason for you not to start making YouTube videos right now. Go get it, you guys. Get on YouTube. YouTube, YouTube, YouTube.


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