All right, it is the soft top hard talk season. I’ve got some hard talk for you guys. There are a lot of people out there that just barf out their affiliate links and their offers without even considering whether their audience or the person they’re talking to cares about what they have to say. There are so many ways that you can set yourself up for success when you’re introducing yourself to someone that could use your services, but there’s a lot more ways you could completely screw it up. And you’ve been on the receiving end of some really bad sales pitches, we all have, we’ve all gotten the high pressure sales. We’ve all gotten the offer where you just are like, “Wait, why are you even presenting that to me? I don’t want that, I don’t care about that, I don’t need that.”

So, let’s talk about what you can do. I’m going to give you some specific examples and some mindset tips on how to set yourself up so that people are drawn to you instead of repelled by you. And believe me, once you get this and your marketing messages start to change, and way that you talk to people, you make some slight tweaks to it, you’re going to be amazed at how many people are knocking on your door that want to work with you.

So, I’ve got some points that I want to go over, five points that you can write down and use or yourself. Number one, first the mindset is I want to market so that people are attracted to me. You want to set yourself up as the attractive character, the hero, the person that can help them. You want to set yourself up as their resource. You want to set it up so that you know that they know that when you reach out to them they’re still going to be the Batman. They’re going to be the one that’s going out there, doing the work, and looking like the hero. But you, supporting them, supporting their business, by providing them with a product or service you have, you’re like their Alfred that’s behind the scenes making things work for them.

When they look at you as a tool, or as a way that you’re helping them build their business now, they’re looking at you as a resource and they’re excited about bringing you on the team. So, how do you do that? How do you market so that people are attracted to you? You give value first, and then you make an offer. It’s all about showing them that you can do it, that you can do whatever that thing is that you do. And then make them an offer for you to do the exact same thing for them.

So, what does it look like to show them you can do it? Well, you’ve got to demonstrate that you’ve done it for people that are in a similar situation. And so it comes down to publishing, but when you demonstrate, not if, when you demonstrate that you have done it, done that thing for someone just like them, and you’ve gotten them this result and this is how you executed the strategy, or this is how you used the tool that you’re selling. Now they start to believe it. When you give value first, when you show them exactly how you set somebody up for success, and then you make them an offer to do the exact same thing for them, you’re going to bring people to you, where they’re like, “Hey, I saw your offer, what does that look like?” Or, “I saw your offer, I’d like to know more.” Or, “Tell me more about that product that you mentioned.”

This has been my strategy for everything that I do, whether it’s my agency, where I make YouTube videos showing exactly how I generate leads for my clients in multiple industries. It could be how in my emails I write out exactly the steps that I’m taking for my direct mail so that people can see what I’m doing. How I’m executing the strategies that I teach, and what the results are for me.

I give value first in the software product that I’ve created, IGEZ, where I walk through how we are building our Instagram. What you can do to use it. I don’t really pitch IGEZ, I demonstrate how it’s going to work for them. And then I give them an opportunity to try it out for themselves. You want to be a campfire where people can come around, they huddle around … a campfire has got that warmth to it, right? People huddle around because they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I need this, I want this. I want to hang out by the camp fire.” When you’re a bonfire and you’re just burning everything in your path, then yeah, a campfire and a bonfire both produce heat, but what kind of heat do you want? Do you want the campfire where people are huddling around you, or the bonfire where people are running away from you?

You’ll still burn, but what’s going to be a better business building tool? You want to market like you’re creating a luau, like a party around you. It’s about that attractive character. What happens when there’s an attractive character? People go towards them. Multiple people head in the same direction as the attractive character. Now, you’ve seen that with Steve Jobs, he’s the attractive character. People look to him for the next product, the next innovation, the next thing. Why is that? Because we look at him as an icon. We look to him as somebody that’s helping us all get to the next level in technology. Rest in peace, Steve.

When you market like a luau, when you’re creating a party around you, you create a tribe of people. Steve Jobs did that, and he executed it flawlessly. I see Russell Brunson doing that with his ClickFunnels software. He creates a tribe around him. I see Dan Kennedy doing that. And Dan’s been doing it for years with his Inner Circle that he has. He calls it his No BS Inner Circle, I love it. And he brings people around him. Why? Because he’s giving so much stinking value. So, when he makes offers, we’re like oh my gosh, there’s more that you can help me with? Right?

I saw this as well with, it’s kind of a silly example, but when you market, like you’re showing value, you’re demonstrating and people come around you. You saw that a little bit, and I’m going to use a radical example, you saw that a little bit with the Sham Well guy, right? He was just having fun, he was having a blast with that stinking towel. And people were attracted to it. They thought it was funny, that it was silly. They made him an irresistible offer. And the thing sold like crazy.

So, when you’re looking to build your business and you’re doing stuff online, there are a lot of really great ways for you to build your business. I go over a few of them in earlier podcast episodes, where I talk about building a group through using a challenge. I talk about how use … how to publish. I talk about video marketing ideas. I have a lot of specific ways that you can publish online to draw people to you.

But the mindset is you want to market so that people are attracted to you. You want to market so that people want to kind of huddle around you, you’re building a tribe. You want to give value first and then make an offer. The cool thing, I don’t share this to brag, I share this to inspire, but every day we get people that are asking to be invited into our Funnel Hackers community group. Almost every single day I get someone who joins my VIP group coaching program. Why? Why are people joining? Why are people signing up? Why do they stick around? Because I give value, I share, I have fun. That’s why.

When people are attracted to you, they bring friends with you. When they’re repelled by you, they tell their friends to get away. Market so that you put their needs in front of your own, and you’re showing them how you can help. And then people will come to you. So, anyway, this is soft top and a hard talk. I am going to drive out now to get some Starbucks, so have a great rest of your day, and join my VIP coaching group by going to That’s You get to try it out for free, see if it’s a fit for you. I will see you in there.


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