Hey, what’s up guys? I got a special podcast episode this week. I’m going to talk about how to turn your Facebook personal profile into a lead generation funnel without using ads or expensive tools. I’m going to show you how to use Facebook to generate leads with no ad costs and no expensive tools. Now, don’t worry about taking notes. At the end of this presentation, I will send you a free guide so that you can just follow my notes and do it yourself. In five minutes, I’m going to show you how to use Facebook to get free leads. Now, let’s start here. First, look at my profile. You see on the left-hand side there where it says, “Join my Facebook group.” This is the moneymaker. The Facebook profile turns into a lead generation tool by first directing people into your Facebook group. Now, check this out.

You probably didn’t know this, but did you know that your Facebook group can actually collect information? Let me show you. Once they click to join my Facebook group, I ask them three questions before they’re allowed in. Question number one, do you currently have a Click Funnels account? Question number two, what is your biggest struggle right now when it comes to building sales funnels? They answer these questions. And then number three, what is your email address? We have a checklist to help you make great lead magnets. We’ll send it right away. They’re filling all of this out before they get into my group, and I store all of that information so that then I can reach out to them and help serve them at a higher level.

Then when I let them into my group, they see my group announcement. This is how I get them inside of my group, so I get them to answer the questions, I’m collecting their information. Now, once they’re inside of my group, I have a link so that they go and go to set an appointment. Watch what I do. I have a group announcement. In The announcement, I have an offer to win a prize. To enter my giveaway, they click a link to enter, which takes them to my chat bot. They confirm, “Yes, I do want to enter to win the giveaway,” and then check this out, I can start talking to them on the chat bot. I have turned my Facebook profile, I take the Facebook profile, I guide them into a Facebook group, which is totally free to set up, within the Facebook group I encourage them to opt in to win the giveaway where they would click to enter into my chat bot, which is another free tool.

Then inside of the chat bot, which is just an instant messenger inside of my business page, I can start talking to them as a human being, talking to them, learning about who they are and setting an appointment. Now, this giveaway turns into a profitable conversation for me because now that I know where they’re struggling, I can help serve and support them. Some of them will turn into clients, some won’t, but the important thing is I’m now talking to people who I never had an opportunity to talk with before.

Now, this conversation and their answers to the group questions help me determine who is a good lead and who isn’t. I grow my group by incentivizing members to invite their friends. One of the questions that you can ask when you’re first starting your group is, how did you hear about the group? This way, you can track the invites and referrals into your group. Isn’t that powerful? We take them to your Facebook profile, from your profile to a Facebook group, from the group to a chat bot, and then we use the prize, we use incentives to get the people that are inside of your group to invite your friends, which just again grows your database, creates more opportunities to set appointments all at no cost to you.

You’re now growing your own community, starting conversations with prospective leads, and not spending a dime on advertising or having to use any expensive tools. Isn’t that amazing? So as soon as I figured this out I was like, “Man, I have got to share this with everybody so that they can just follow the steps,” and if you want me to walk you through how to set this up, I have set aside all these tools to help you out. I’ve got my notes, which I will send you so you don’t need to jot anything down, and I’m going to walk you through it step-by-step. Are you ready? All right, check this out.

Number one, step one, set up a Facebook group. This free Facebook group brings everything together that I just discussed. When you set it up, remember to ask those three questions. One of your questions should be, “How did you hear about this group? Step number two, create a Facebook photo to use as a featured photo. Now, don’t worry. I have a free online photo editing software you can use, and I’m going to send you the photo that I use so you just have to swap out your photo for mine, and you’re good to go, so that’s free for you. I got you.

Change your featured photo to this new photo. Remember to use the caption, “Join my group and you could win _______,” like whatever you’re giving away, Starbucks gift card, whatever it is. Then you want to sign up for a free Many Chat account. Now, this messaging tool is forever free. Go to freemanychat.com, free M-A-N-Y chat.com. Then, you want to set up your giveaway growth tool in Many Chat. If you’re like, “What the heck is that,” Don’t worry. I explain exactly what that is in the guide I’m going to send you. This tool gives you the web URL to use in your announcement when people join the group. So when you say, “Go here to enter to win my prize,” you’re going to give them a link to go to. That link is something that you create inside of Many Chat.

When they click the link, it starts the conversation. Now, post the URL that you just created in your group and boom, you’ve got your lead machine all set up. Then, to get everything going, to get the ball rolling, you want to invite friends and family to your group. Encourage them to share it, invite their friends. You want the snowball effect of a lot of invites from people who want to win that prize that you’re giving away.

Here’s a couple bonus ideas to really take this to the next level. Number one, use a sequence in Many Chat to go from the giveaway to sending information about you and asking for an appointment. This is all using free marketing tools. I’ll walk you through exactly how to set this up. It’s not hard, and it’s totally free to do all this stuff. It’s easy to do. Now, bonus number two, use automation to add group members into your mailing list. You can use a group, a Google chrome extension called Group Convert to save all your answers to a Google Sheet. Once you’ve got it saved into a Google Sheet, you can then download that spreadsheet and import it into your CRM or other mailing list software so that you can now email all the people that are joining your Facebook group. Isn’t that cool?

Oh my gosh, this stuff is so amazing. So, now I got all of your notes ready for you. If you’re ready to take action, you’re like, “Alex, help me out,” I made it easy. There is a form right below this video, or if you’re listening to my voice on a podcast or a YouTube video, or somewhere else, go to TheProfileFunnel.com, TheProfileFunnel.com. You can grab my free guide. I’m going to send you all the tools so you can plug this in for yourself, and you’re ready to go. So I have got you set up. TheProfileFunnel.com, if you’re on there already, fill out the form below. I’m going to send you everything so that you have it. Go ahead and take action, you guys. I am so excited to hear your success stories.


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