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I just watched the Avengers movie and I could not help, as a marketer, watching the movie going, “Man, there’s a lot of lessons that we can learn here.” So I got some notes for you. Let’s dive in to the Avengers Marketing Plan for your business.

First we got my man, Hawkeye, who – I’ll be honest with you – is not my favorite Avenger. But he is always on target; he doesn’t miss. The big lesson in that: Make sure that you’re marketing message is always on target, hyper niched. Make sure that you spend time researching where your target customer hangs out, who they’re talking to, who inspires them, and more importantly who they listen to when they’re about to make a move in their business or in their personal life. So for me, I want to talk to entrepreneurs that are about to invest in themselves. Those kind of people are getting business coaches. Those kind of people are going to conferences. So that’s where I spend my money targeting ads. I want entrepreneurs that are hiring coaches, and I want entrepreneurs that are going to conferences. Who’s your target market? Make sure you think like Hawkeye. Go, “Okay. I want to make sure that this ad get in front of the right person and doesn’t miss.”

Next we’ve got Iron Man. Iron Man has the highest tech, the coolest toys, all the fun stuff happening. For you, in your marketing plan, do you have the right tools to actually get the job done? One of the biggest mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make is not investing in their platform. This is why I’m a huge believer in ClickFunnels that literally runs my entire marketing business, from generating the lead to following up and collecting payment. It does everything. You don’t need to use ClickFunnels, but you do need to make sure that your technology is to the highest level possible. Because when you have a good platform, when you’ve invested in that, then your platform does a lot of the work for you. It closes sales for you. It does follow-up for you. It notifies you when people are ready to hop on a call. Is your technology as good as it should be? Think like Iron Man an think, “What tool could I make to get myself to level up?”

Then we’ve got Black Widow. Man, probably one of my favorite scenes in the first Avengers movie is when we first meet Black Widow in this movie and she is … It looks like she’s going to [crap cake 00:02:19] down by these Russians. She’s tied up. It looks like she’s in a bad spot, but really she has everyone right where she wants them to be. She’s asking the right questions, getting the information – such a cool scene. Well for you, are you asking the right questions to your customers? Think about this: a lot of times people don’t want to tell you where they’re vulnerable, where they’re pain points are. But if you put out a lead magnet that attracts people who are struggling with those things, if you put out content where you’re speaking directly that pain point and they watch it the whole time through, now you’re getting information from them without them feeling like you’re interrogating them. When you put out content that speaks to a pain point, when you put out a lead magnet that addresses a concern that might be kind of embarrassing, you’re pulling out the information without them feeling guilty or embarrassed about talking about it.

Then you’ve got my man, Captain America. He’s old school. He grabs a shield and a fist and that’s all he needs to win the battle. A lot of our old school tactics, the things that are still working, those are things that we should continue doing. When we get excited about new toys, we get that shiny object syndrome, that methodology that can just damage the momentum we have, it can completely derail us. Think like Captain America. Look at yourself and look at what you have working and say, “What should I keep doing? What’s working?” Yeah, new tools are fun. New toys are great. It’s exciting to have new things to play with on the business front – especially when we know that they’re going to help us make money. But don’t add those new things on – don’t add new toys, don’t hire new people – at the expense of the things that are already working in your business. Be like Captain America – old school. Hey, his shield and fists still win the battle.

Last but not least you got my man, Black Panther, who is just a boss. He is probably one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. And let me tell you one of the cool things that I like that he does: He serves with humility first. That’s how he leads. In the movie he took on the throne, he got elevated to that position, almost out of the need from his community for him to rise up. Right? So that was really cool. When I watch him, I’m like, “Man, that’s a guy that just leads humbly, leads with honor. He isn’t afraid to take you out if he needs to.”

The other thing that he does – man, he’s a good leader – he asks of his team things that on the face of it look important, or difficult, and he brings out the best in them as a leader. I know that’s not marketing advise, but that’s something for us all to look at and go, “Am I asking enough of my team? Could they do more?” When you’re doing your marketing, when you’re doing your outreach and your lead generation, are you leading with humility and service? Or is it obvious that you’re going for the sale? Because if you are, people aren’t attracted to that; they’re attracted to humility, service, and support. So be like my man, Black Panther. Lead with humility and pull the best out of your team.

All right. Well I did all of that without any spoilers. I actually had to reshoot one of these because I gave something away. But I didn’t give anything away so no spoilers in this Avengers Marketing Plan podcast. I hope you like it. If you did can you do me a favor? Can you take a screenshot of this right now and post it up on your Instagram or Facebook and then just tag me so I can see it? I would love that.

Thank you guys so much.


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