Hey, what’s going on podcast family? I’m driving down with my daughter Allie right now, we are heading to a fun daddy/daughter date here.


I wanted to share with you why I’m able to go at 2:00 PM on a week day, and go hangout. It’s all about automating your way to freedom. Automating your way to freedom. There’s a lot of systems that I have going right now, that are running my business for me, while I’m driving down an hour away, to go hangout with my daughter.


I’m going to talk about the systems I have in place. The first thing I have, is I have automatic lead generation in place, while I’m sitting here talking to you. I don’t have the dashboard pulled up in front of me ’cause I’m driving, and that’d be crazy. But, right now based on the numbers, in the next hour that I’m going to be driving, I’ll be generating a lead. That lead is going to be automatically followed up with and given an opportunity to schedule a call on my calendar so that I can talk to them next week. I’m also going to have quite a few people watching my videos. I’ll probably get approximately 10 video views in the next hour. I’ll get probably one or two podcast listens. Every single touch, every single content that is viewed, or watched, or downloaded, is another way for me to grow my business, capture leads, which is really cool.

It’s all about creating automated lead generation systems. Also while we’re talking today, today I’ll probably be sending out overall, close to 1,000 emails. I don’t know how many are going to go out the next hour or so, but we have a ton of emails that go out as far as followup. 1,000 may be a little high, maybe closer to 700 based on the lead flow that we’ve had. But, we have emails that go out for the next, for 90 days after somebody opts into our stuff, just generating tons and tons of good will and massive value for the people that are in our list.

The other thing, and so that’s really big by the way. ‘Cause, it’s not just about putting the lead in the database. It’s also about making sure that they continue to get value from me over, and over, and over again so that they learn to trust what I have to say, and they look to me as an advocate in their business. The other thing that I’m automating is, generating revenue. Because, I have monthly retainers where money’s coming out on a regular basis. I have affiliate revenue that’s being generated. I have sales funnels that are out there, where I’m driving traffic to it. There’s a lot of things that are out there right now, where I’m putting myself in a position to generate revenue without me having to actually do any manual labor to complete the transaction.

When you have all these different systems in place, you make it so that you are in a position to generate revenue all the time, whether I’m hanging out with my daughter, sleeping, whatever I’m doing. I have an opportunity for my business to create revenue, which is really exciting, and it’s changed so many things for me to have these systems in place for revenue.

The other thing that I’m doing right now, the other automated thing that I’m doing is I‘m automatically delivering all of the leads into all of our clients. We have so many ad campaigns going right now, it’s pretty crazy. And, as the leads come in for them, they are being automatically emailed with an instant notification, they’re being sent a text, and all of the lead data is being stored in a Google Sheet for each and every client individually so that they have access to all that information. They can add notes to the Google Sheet, et cetera. All of that happens automatically. My business runs and delivers results for my clients without me having to do anything.

And so, what that means for me is that I don’t have to worry about things that, about my clients needing me at any hour, or whether or not things are going to continue to work for my business or theirs. I know just based on having all these systems set up that they’ll all talk to each other, notify the client, et cetera. Once I spend the time to get that automated system up, everything else just goes in …

All right, and the last thing I automate is not only do I automate … So I automate my lead generation, we automate our revenue, we automate systems within the business. We also automate customer service in a lot of ways. A lot of the automation comes in with our chat bots, and other methods of being able to automatically read what’s going on that our customers need, and responding right away. Being able to automate certain parts of that has been huge for me, because then I know if somebody needs to get a hold of us, and they reach out using one of the outlets that we recommend, whether it’s the support email, or the chat bot, that we have systems in place to give them answers as quickly as possible.

Then, my last note, it’s not really automation, it’s all about delegation. I do have people that are on the team … Whoa, and that are actively watching what’s going on, and checking emails. I have a 24/7 phone number, and we just, we have things put in place so that no matter what, things are being caught and taken care of. That is how I’m able to go and hangout with my daughter on a Thursday afternoon, and we get to go have fun, and I don’t have to worry about my business falling apart, or an emergency happening. I don’t have to check my phone every 30 minutes. Everything’s just in place, working, business is growing, clients are being taken care of, promises are being delivered on, and I’m able to go and make some memories.

With that in mind I’m going to stop this podcast and actually make some memories with my daughter. So enjoy … You know what I’d love for you to do? I would love it if this podcast gave you some ideas, take a screenshot. Share it on Instagram or Facebook, and let people know what’s going on. I’d love for you to tag me in it so I can see. I appreciate you, thank you to all the listeners on the podcast. Talk to you later.


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