Yo, what’s up Podcast Family? Alex here, and I am inspired to talk to you guys right now about doing things that we don’t want to do. I went to the gym tonight about 7:30, pouring down rain, I didn’t want to go to the gym. But I wanted the results that I get from going to the gym, that’s the thing. You’ve got to do things you don’t want to do if you want to get to where you are not right now.

One of my coaching clients, she was talking to me the other day, and we’re in the middle of doing the video domino, which you’ll hear a lot more about that in a little bit. But we’re doing a video domino, and she was telling me that yes it was working, but she wasn’t doing it as often as she had committed to, because she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to do it, she wasn’t comfortable doing it. And she said, “You know what, it’s not something that I want to spend my time doing.” And I said, “You know, I respect that you don’t like doing it. But, you hired me to raise the revenue and this is actually working for your business, so you should do it.”

Keep doing it, keep doing the thing even if you don’t want to do it. Ask yourself this question, if by doing this am I going to make more money? If the answer is yes, you should probably do it. If I do this thing, and I make more money doing this thing than any other thing that I could be doing, I should probably do the thing I don’t want to do, right? I should probably do that thing. Like for me one of the things that I had a really hard doing was, you know, letting go of some of the aspects of my business.

But I’ll tell you what, I started doing a lot better once I started letting go and delegating, and finding experts, paying them to do the things, and then being able to focus on things that only I can do, even if I don’t like doing those things, I focus on the things that only I can do, and I bring in other people to do the things that they’re excellent at. And then I can let go and delegate. What happened? My revenue started to skyrocket.

If you have things on your plate right now that you know if I just did this thing, I would make more money, and you’re not doing it. And to get where you are, not right now, to get to that next level, you have to experience discomfort. Why do I know that you have to experience discomfort? Discomfort comes from doing things that you are not comfortable doing. It comes from doing things that are new. If you’re not already, what you’re doing right now is not going to get you to the next level if you just think about it harder.

You have to do different things, you have to do new things. Those new things are going to have a level of discomfort. But you need to do it. Maybe you spend little bit of time preparing to do it, so that you feel comfortable doing it. That’s fine. But don’t let your preparation be an excuse to not take action. A lot of times we fool ourselves into thinking that we’re productive, because we’ve spent the day keeping ourselves busy. You’ve done that, I’ve done that, I’m not pointing the finger at you, I’m pointing the finger right back at me and saying there have been days, many days, where I look back on the day and I go, “Well, did I get a lot of tasks done? Yes. Did I do the things that I needed to do? No. Did I fool myself into thinking that my busy work was productive? Yes.”

That’s all we do, we like to fool ourselves into thinking that the things that we’re doing, that we’re comfortable doing, that we feel safe doing, that those are the things we should have done all day long. The things that we should plan to do tomorrow. But the reality is we need to do the things that are uncomfortable, that take a little bit of risk, and that take us out of our comfort zone, so we can go to the next level. You will not get to where you want to go by continuing to do the same thing as you’re doing right now. You have to go up to the next level. You have to do the things that you’re not already doing.

You must take the next step for yourself and your own personal growth. I just want to encourage you right now, that thing is, it’s rattling in your mind. I don’t know what that thing is for you, maybe it’s shooting a video, maybe it’s hiring somebody. Maybe it’s something completely different. You know the thing you have to do that you’re delaying doing because you don’t want to do it. Do the hard thing. Get it done. Make sure that it’s off of your plate, because when it’s not, when you know that you have that hard thing that you have to do that you should be doing, it just bogs you down, and takes up so much of your mental energy and focus because it just keeps rattling round in your head, like this knot that has not been … or a string that has not been tied up into a knot, it just keeps flying around. You’ve got to do the thing, you’ve got to get it done.

Another thing I did today, which sucked, is I went to the DNV. My license had expired, but I didn’t know that until a very nice worker at the grocery store said, “Hey, by the way, your credit card expired in January.” Oh, crap. So, I went and I went to the DNV and I sat in line, I did the hard thing. I didn’t want to do it. But I knew I had to do it. Now, I started the episode talking about doing revenue producing activities, and I know the DNV is not a revenue producing activity. I know, I don’t need you to send me an email reminding me that going to the DNV is not a revenue producing activity.

But, it’s all about doing the hard things, doing the things that you need to get done, whether it takes discomfort or not. Focus on the things that only you can do, delegate the rest. Do the things that take you out of your comfort zone, because inside of your comfort zone you will only find the level of success that you are currently seeing. And I know you don’t want to stay there. You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast about marketing and business growth if you were happy with where you were at. If you need me to hold you accountable, reach out to me, alex@branninggroup.com. Let’s go, you guys, let’s take the next step, let’s go into discomfort together. Let’s grow together. And I want to hear your next success story.


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