Hey, what’s goin on, you guys? Alex, here. I am driving home, and I got a message, and quite frankly I just need to talk about it. I need to tell you guys what’s up. It’s all about risk.

All right, so one of the messages I got tonight was from another entrepreneur who … He’s asking me how he can make money online. I’m not gonna name him. I don’t want to out him. He’s asking me how he can make money online without spending a lot of money. This is his words: “I don’t really want to spend a lot of money. I don’t want to risk a lot of money that my family needs, and I don’t really want to put a lot of time into it in case it doesn’t work out.” That is exactly what entrepreneurship is. You guys, you can not, you can not be an entrepreneur without risking time and/or money. They both come with the territory. The amount of risk you get is the amount of reward that you are giving yourself the chance of getting back. When you give yourself a limit to the amount of time that you’re willing to put into something, you are limiting your chances for that breakthrough, for that miracle to happen.

My business took a major, major turn for the better about three years ago, but that was after I was in business for 14 years. Now during that time, I was able to provide for my family. We had a good life, but then about three years ago, everything turned to the major upward. I had a huge growth curve, and people thought that I was an overnight success, but I was 14 years in the making. The last year, our profit of the company had doubled, but that was because I put a lot of money that I had made from the business back into it so that we could get to that profitability, and we could hit those numbers and reach those heights. It takes time. It takes money. It takes sweat and tears. It takes the hard times to get through it. You’re gonna hit valleys. A lot of my biggest lessons have come from failures, and they’ve kept me from making even bigger mistakes in the future.

This is a shorter episode. I am just so passionate about this. I want you to be a successful entrepreneur. I believe that entrepreneurship is the golden road for a lot of you guys listening to get the life you want, to get to the legacy that you want to leave your family. But if you want to get there, if you are determined to get to that level of success, it is going to take time. It is going to take money. You are going to have hard times, but persist, get through it, keep going, build, build, build because one day you’re gonna look around and realize, “Wow! I got to where I was always hoping to be.”

You know, I used to pray that I would get the kind of business that would allow me to live the life that I’m leading now, and now my prayers have changed. Now my prayers are that I would have the skills, the endurance, and the mentorship around me to keep the business growing the way that it is. So one day, I hope that you wake up and go, “Oh my gosh! I did it. I didn’t realize I hit this, but I got there. I got to where I wanted to be.” It is an amazing feeling. I want that for you guys, and I hope that this podcast helps you get there, with the tips and everything I’m sharing.

So you guys have a great rest of your day. Put the risk in. Put the time in. It will come back.


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