Hey, what’s going on guys? This is Alex Branning here. I’m super excited for this episode of my podcast. I took a quick break over the holiday because, honestly, I’m not listening to podcasts over the holiday and I don’t expect you to either. Today I want to talk about my brand new software that I launched called IG-EZ. Super exciting. We’ve been working on this for a while and here’s the deal. I’m going to just be honest with you. Instagram is great, but it can be a real pain to use, so we created IG-EZ.

IG-EZ helps automate a lot of your Instagram marketing tasks that you need to do. I’ll go through that in detail over the next few minutes here, but in a nutshell, it helps you with scheduling out your posts.

  • It schedules out your stories.
  • You can save your hashtag clouds, so it allows you to basically create a hashtag cloud and then, with a single click, add it to your next post, which is just amazing.
  • And you can create a file manager. We have a library that you can add to or your team can add to. We built this for us and now we’re opening it up so that you can use it as well.

We believe that we have created a piece of software that helps anyone, any entrepreneur, any agency owner, anyone, take their Instagram marketing and make it a lot easier. That was our goal.

In the past six months we’ve added a little over 14,000 new Instagram followers, in the past six months, and we did that by following strategies and tactics that are relatively well known. We go over it in a free eBook that we created, but it was just a pain to do, but the growth was worth it. What we had to do was figure out a way for us to continue seeing that growth without the monotony and the grind of doing all of these tests so we created IG-EZ. First we started to look around. We said, okay, is there something that does what we need it to do? We couldn’t find anything. So we started working on IG-EZ, we started building it out, creating the different features that we needed it to have.

So, what does IG-EZ do? Well, in the Beta version, we’re going to keep adding to it, but in the Beta version, right now, you can schedule posts to your Instagram account. And it’s not just single images, you can create carousel images, in other words, multiple images on the same post. You can add videos, which is really cool. These are not just reminders for you to post, it actually posts it for you. It actually does the job for you. One thing, you can also schedule stories in our software, it’s not just the posts that get added to your account, it’s also the stories that you can log into your IG-EZ, upload the graphics that you want for your stories, and then schedule when those stories will be posted. That is so cool you guys. No other software does that. And stories are where we do our selling. The posts that we do are to really build our brand. The stories are to engage and sell our audience. The hashtag cloud is a big one. I mentioned it. You have what we call a caption manager, which allows you to create a Hashtag cloud, save it, and then when you’re making a new post, there’s a little icon that you can click, you can select from your saved captions the one that you want to add to your post, and just with a single click, you just paste it in.

Now, one of the things that we’ve done is, you can add it to your caption, or, when you schedule out a new Instagram post, whether that’s a single image, a carousel, or a video, you can actually add in. You can schedule in the very first comment and post your hashtag in the comment. That’s rad. Again, no, nobody else has this sort of functionality. You can reuse photos and videos that you’ve posted before with your library, or, you can also have a team member who’s responsible for creating graphics, just upload the graphics into your library and then you can go in and schedule them out. We’ve also added in a really cool watermark, so you can now watermark your logo automatically on all of the photos that are added. For example, if you’re taking beautiful photos of your team, or if you’re a restaurant, of the food, you don’t need to pay someone to go in and add the logo to the bottom right of all your photos so that they’re yours. Our software will do that for you. It’ll watermark all the graphics for you.

That is IG-EZ, we’re super stoked about it. We have some cool stuff coming out in the future. Super easy. If you’re like, Alex, I want to check out IG-EZ and learn what this is all about, go to IG-EZ.com, www.IG-EZ.com.

We have some cool bonuses that we’re doing right now as well. We’re putting out some really cool stuff.

  1. You get an exclusive invite to our online community.
  2. I mentioned it already, we put out an eBook that detailed how we built out all of our huge following. We’ve really laid out the steps here so that you can build up your following quickly.
  3. We’re giving you lifetime membership to our brand new digital course that we created called Instagram Stories 101.
  4. We’re going to send you a link to download the Hashtag for Experts mobile app. This app helps you determine what hashtags you should use so that your posts are found. This is just one of our secret sauce is getting our posts seen by all the right people.

Very exciting stuff. Check it out. We have a really great deal. Normally we’re going to charge $7 a month, $7 a month. That’s it. $7 a month. But right now you can get our Beta launch deal for the entire year for a ridiculously cheap price by going to www.IG-EZ.com.

Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I will talk to you guys later.


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