Hey what’s going on? I’m super excited to chat with you today, I want to talk about dominating. There is so much opportunity right now for you to dominate your city, dominate your industry, dominate your audience with what it is you do, but are you willing to put the work in? There has never been a time until as of right now, where you can do regeneration for cheaper than what you can get right now. There’s never going to be a time when you can build your brand as quickly as you are right now, and I’ll be honest with you, there are not a lot of people that are taking advantage of this.

I was just talking to a lender friend of mine, and we were going over some of the different opportunities that are out there right now, it is absolutely insane at how quickly he was able to jump from his current place where he was at, start a brand new loan office and then just crush it. Right? So he’s doing phenomenal. It’s all about what you’re doing and how you’re positioning yourself. Russell Brunson talks about this a little bit, in his book The Expert Secrets, but I’m not here to talk to you about that book, I’m here to lay out the game plan, so you can crush it in 2019. I want to show you what you can do so that you can set yourself up for success, you want to be the dominant authority figure in your space. I’m going to show you. So I have my white board here, for those of you who are on the podcast, you can jump over to YouTube, I’m actually laying out the plan step by step on YouTube, you can follow along on the podcast. But let’s go over the different platforms where you can start to take advantage of the opportunities that we have right now.

Let’s start with Facebook number one. I recommend if you’re going to crush it on Facebook, you create your own group and then you do live videos.If you follow me, and I hope that you do, follow me, I’m going to do a lot more live videos in 2019. I’m seeing a lot more space and live videos, there’s a lot of people that engage with live videos, they get notified when a live video happens; it’s really cool.

So do live videos if you’re not already, and if you’re stuck and like, “Alex, I don’t know how to go live.” I’ve a free resource for you, Fromlostotlive.com. It’s actually going to show you how to go live, show you the technical parts of it. I got a free workbook I’m going to send to you, it’s not a workbook, it’s more like a worksheet, so it’s not too crazy. I show you how to intro and how to close. Really powerful, you don’t know how to do live video yet, I got your back.

Let’s go to Instagram. So on Facebook, you want to set up your own group, and you want to start using live videos on your profile and in your group. Let’s go to Instagram. Build up your profile.I have a great Instagram guide that’s coming out in just a little bit here, and go live. On Instagram you can go live and everyone is notified about it, and it stays in that top corner in the Instagram app. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, open your Instagram app, they’re going to see some profiles with circles around them, those are stories. When you go live and you have a live video, that circle is a little bit thicker and it’s got a play button underneath it. That means there’s a video to watch. I’m getting great engagement on my videos on Instagram, and the more I do the more people expect it, the better.

On Instagram though, the big thing is to keep it under 60 seconds.On Facebook, when you do a live video, you can get a little bit more content in there. I like to keep my live videos short, about three to five minutes, but on Instagram keep it under a minute. That’s what I’m seeing, that’s what the audience is expecting. So just a note.

So look, you’re going to crush it, you’ve got your Facebook group, you’re starting to do videos on Facebook, you’re getting videos on Instagram, go on to YouTube and use those same videos that you just created on Facebook, do the same content,just hit the record button again and go on YouTube and start putting some videos up there.

YouTube is owned by Google, most of you know that, and Google loves it when you go to their platform, so guess what? SEO terms, if you want to start dominating on some different SEO terms, for example you’re going to see me talk a lot about Instagram or releasing a new software platform, but on YouTube, you can type in, like for Instagram, how to post a video on Instagram, and you can make a video about that and people will start showing up for you. You can say, Atlanta Life Insurance Agent, you can start showing up. Atlanta Life Insurance Options. Right, you make a video about that, post it on YouTube, follow some cool SEO tricks, boom, you’re starting to rank on Google for your video. And if you make it short and sweet, give them some contact info at the end, you can start to dominate SEO with a YouTube video. It’s unreal how many options there are.

Let’s go into the next way that you can start to crush it in your city. You can start a podcast.Now podcasts are soooooo underrated, it’s crazy to me, how few people are actually using a podcast to grow their business. It’s mindboggling to me. Podcasting is all about coming up with content on a regular basis, and then it’s just an audio thing right? It’s just audio. You know, yes, I do a video push of people who like to watch me, and I’m starting to engage with that more so that’s why I have my whiteboard here. But a podcast is, people love it because they like to listen to it on the go, they don’t have to be sitting in front of a computer, they don’t have to open their phone, they can open the podcast, plug the earphones in, hit the go button and bam, you’re now in their ears, and able to educate and inspire them.

You should be having your own podcast, you have value, you have knowledge, people want to learn about what you do. Heck you can tell stories if you want to the whole time, but you want to get into that world, that space. My podcast has totally changed my business since launching it, so thank you for the support, loyal listener. But it’s all about setting yourself up in the ways that your audience wants to connect with you. I’ve gotten over Facebook. That’s an online community where you’re posting in a Facebook group live videos. I talked about Instagram. Instagram is a visual battlefield, it’s all about photos. Putting that out there so that people can find you, you have great photos, you’re interacting on your story, people love that. You got YouTube, it’s all video format, you got podcast, that’s audio. Did you notice that we’re using different ways to attract different types of clients, based on the way that I could digest content? Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one or two mediums for you to get your message across.

So final two things here that I want to encourage you to do. Number one, think about a book. Think about an ebook, a written book.I got a book and it’s helped me out a look. I have a book on Pinterest Marketing. I don’t push it that much anymore because honestly Pinterest is dying, but a new book in the works that I’m super excited about. And another thing, make sure that have a website! I talk to way too many people who just do not have their own website or online presence, that is … it is not good. Doesn’t need to be big, doesn’t need to be a deep website with a lot of pages but you guys, you have to have your own website. If people, when they Google you, are you showing up or is it a Facebook profile for another person with the same name? Or are they finding reviews about you, you have to control your own Google search results. Put up a website, let people know how they can connect with you. It’s a must. Especially at this time, it is a must. Go ahead and do that please.

So this is how you dominate you guys. You put the work in, you do it on multiple mediums, and you post consistently.That’s how you do it. That is how you dominate your market, your city, your key words. Be creative, come up with ideas. If you get stuck, interview somebody, talk to somebody, do an FAQ.

I’m going to talk a little bit later about my content multiplier method which is going to help you, those of you like me, sometimes I get stuck on content, right. I get frozen, and like “Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to talk about, I don’t know what to do.” Well I have ways that you can get around that and some ideas and how you can turn one piece of content to multiple, we’ll talk about that a little bit later. But my inspiration to you, my message to you is that you can dominate in 2019 if you put the work in, don’t limit yourself to one medium. Go to my website, alexbranning.com, connect with me on Instagram, YouTube, all of it, I’d love to stay in touch with you and let me know how I can help you out. Have a great day.


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