Hey, what’s going on, everyone? Alex Branning here, your marketing coach. I’m super stoked. You hear that a lot from me. I just run excited. I’m going to talk to you today about a breakthrough idea. You have heard so many people talk about it. That is live video. On this podcast, you’re walking away with seven ideas for live video. Here we go. All right. One of the things that I hear a lot when people talk about live video is, “Alex, I don’t want to get in front of the camera.” Believe me, I get it. I am 100% understanding when it comes to not wanting to get in front of the camera. Here’s the thing. There are so many positives that you’re going to get from actually getting in front of the camera, doing the uncomfortable. It’s one of those things where really the benefits outweigh the discomfort. As your marketing coach, I want to encourage you to take this step, go over that finish line, and get that first video done.

Last week I introduced some terms. I want to come back to them because I’m going to reference them quite a bit today. Number one, multiplier. This is a strategic concept that I talk about where one of your marketing strategies allows you to leverage your time. Live video is all about that. Live video is a huge leverage of your time because you only shoot the video once. You take a few minutes of your day, you shoot this video, and now it is seen 10, 20, 100 times, who knows. I’ve done live videos before where only maybe 30 people have seen it. I’ve done live videos where it’s been seen by thousands of people. At the end of the day, our numbers are great, but what it really comes down to is establishing yourself within your audience as somebody who brings great value. A part of the way that you do that is you establish yourself within your audience as somebody who continues to bring value, is doing these live videos and having fun with it, creating that culture around you. Live video is going to help.

I’m going to give you some ideas right now on some live videos to shoot, and then I’m going to circle back around and I want to talk about my maximizer idea. In other words, I want to share with you ways that you can make sure that these live videos are growing your business. Here are three ideas that you can use for going live. I’m going to give you three core ideas and then three bonus ideas that are really going to get the brain going here. I want you to take a live video of you at your office just walking around and showing people what’s going on, even if you have a home office.

Here’s what that’s going to do. It’s going to bring people into your world, and they’re going to feel like they’re sitting there in the office with you. They’re going to feel like they’re in the home office. They’re going to feel much more connected to you. I don’t care how small your office is. People want to see what it’s like for you. They want to feel like they’re there with you. One of the cool parts about online marketing is the ability for us to work with anybody from all over the world, right? It also allows us to connect with people on a deeper level and do it in a way that is exponentially faster than before. When you bring people into your world, it really does something special. It shows people what’s behind the scenes. They feel like they’re getting an exclusive tour.

Another idea, I want you to take a live video of you sharing a success story from one of your clients. Testimonials are so powerful. This is a great way for you to show exactly how you were able to help somebody. Share all the details of this success story that you have. For example, I have a great success story. We just converted a website into a click funnel, very similar content, but we turned it into a click funnel. On that homepage we guided people in to setting an appointment. A website that was just sitting there, not doing anything has turned into a lead generation machine, as I knew that it would. That’s a great testimonial for me, and so I’m going to be sharing that. That’s one of the ways that I’ll be able to describe exactly where they were before they came to me, exactly how I helped them, it’s good to give specifics, and then what the results are. Take a live video and share a success story.

Another one of the core ideas is a how-to video. These are fun because you’re sharing a little bit of your knowledge. You’re giving people a little taste of what it is that you do. I say this at my social media seminars all the time, and that is that your friends and your audience, they don’t want you to sell them, but they do want to learn about what you do. They want to know a little bit more about what it is that you do, what you bring to the table, the fun things that are going on in your industry. They want to learn. One of the best ways to teach them is to show them exactly how to do some simple tasks that are in your industry. For example, for me, I’ll do how to videos on to submit a website to Google or how to upload a video on Facebook, things like that. If you’re a real estate agent, doing a fun how to video on how to get a living room staged for an open house. If you’re an insurance agent, how to take photos of all your belongings so that if something happens, you have a record of everything that’s in your home. These how-to videos show that you care. It’s giving value. It’s educating your audience on what it is that you do, and it’s showing that you’re an expert in your field. How to videos are great.

Let me give you three bonus ideas. The first one is an interview, a live video interview. This can be planned. It can be spontaneous. Interviews are so much fun because then you get to tag the person that you’re interviewing in your live video, and now that live video goes out to their audience, which is a blast, and it introduces you to more people. Really get creative with this. The fun thing about interviews is that no matter who you interview, they always bring something new to the table. Even if you’re a lender, even if you interview one real estate agent a week, all 50 of those real estate agents that you interview throughout the year have a different story. They have a different way of presenting themselves, of talking about you. They have a different why of why they’re in the business. It’s fun. Interviews are great. You’re never going to run out of content if you interview people. I highly recommend doing that in your live video.

Another bonus video that I recommend is telling your story. Tell your why. Share your why. Why do you do what you do? What drives you? What makes you passionate? Most of my listeners sell something. We are either entrepreneurs or we’re salespeople. We’re selling. We’re trying to close deals, find leads. The difference between people wanting to work with me or you and our competition is that they like us. One of the ways that they like us or one of the ways that we can get them to like us is by sharing why we do what we do, going behind the scenes of our passion and the industry. It’s important to share your why, and tell how you fell into it. Maybe your parents did something similar. Maybe your friend did it. Maybe you just saw an opportunity to jump in. Really tell your story. Give your why. It’s fun.

The last idea for a live video that I recommend doing is answering common questions. A lot of times we hear the same questions over and over again, and that’s okay. It’s telling us exactly where we are not educating our customers or where we or the industry is dropping the ball. For me, one of the common questions that I get is, how do I get to the first page in Google? I share that story. I talk about it a lot. I write blog post. I do live video. I’m constantly creating content around that topic because I hear it a lot. I know that either A, they’re not seeing my videos, or B, my videos and my content is not doing a good enough job explaining it, so I continue to talk about it on a regular basis. You also get common questions in your world. You get questions that come up again and again. It’s important that you take the time to answer them.

The cool part about doing an FAQ live video is that as you’re sharing, because it’s a live video, people can respond, which is fun. It’s good and bad when you see responses because it can be distracting. I don’t know about you, but the perfectionist in me doesn’t like looking over and trying to address the questions because I’m like, “I have my plan. I want to follow my script,” right? It’s great to do these FAQs. Then you can send these videos to people who say, “Hey, you know, I have a question about,” for me, “I have a question about Google.” I can actually send them a link to my video and say, “You know, and I’m so glad you asked about Google. I actually did a video about it. Check this out. And if you have anymore questions, let me know.” It helps me because now I don’t have to type it all out again. I can just send them a video, and they can learn some more from the video, which is super cool. They would like it because it usually goes more into depth, my video, it’s three minutes or so, it goes more into depth than I would over an email or a Facebook message. I’m able to answer questions within my video about the topic.

Those are my core three and three bonus ideas. I’m going to take some time to answer some common questions that I get about live video. The first one that I hear a lot about is where to do live video. I recommend doing it on Facebook, and also try YouTube. See if that does anything for you. It’s fun to do it. It’s easy to do it. The cool thing about live video is you can do say a practice run on YouTube Live, and now you’ve got that content. Now you can do the same thing on Facebook Live, and now you’ve got that content. Now you can pull up your Instagram app and do a short live video on that, and now you have that content. You can, in a span of 10 minutes, these live videos are 3 minutes each, you can make three quick videos, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and be done with it, and it’s great.

Another question I get is, how long should my live videos be? I recommend no more than three minutes. That’s me. That’s my recommendation because when we’re on Facebook, when we’re going on these social media platforms where you can post the live video, we’re not looking for a documentary, right? It’s hard to keep people’s attention for too long. If it’s short and sweet, and if we have it in our minds, get in and get out, then we go quick, and we treat the video differently where if somebody said, “Hey, I want you to speak for 10 minutes on something,” now I’m dragging it out. If I have that timer in my mind that says three minutes or less, I’m going to get my videos done pretty quick. By giving myself a three-minute countdown or a three-minute timer, it helps me wrap things up.

Another question that I get on live video is, how do I make money doing live video? That’s what I want to end my podcast on is my maximizer idea, which is how do you take live video and actually make money? How do you use it to grow your business? I have a couple points here that I want to help you with. Number one, always end with a call to action. Here’s a cool part. When I start my live video, live video is shared on Facebook and Instagram really based on the amount of engagement. When I start my live video I’ll say, “Hey, would you comment live or replay so I know if you’re watching this live or if you’re watching a replay?” A lot of times humans follow instruction, they will comment live or replay. Then I share the content. Then at the end of it I’ll say, “Hey, if you want to talk to me more about this, you can call me at this number or email me here.” I give them a very clear call to action so that they know exactly how to get a hold of me if they have more questions. That’s a great way for you to really maximize it.

The second thing that I like to do that’s fun is I’ll say, “Hey, if you see this and you reach out to me in the next 30 minutes after watching this, then I’m going to send you a free gift.” For me, the free gift is usually something I send out using send out cards or something similar. I will send out a free gift because now I have them in my world. They’ve reached out to me. They are now setting themselves up for a sales presentation of some kind or I can ask them for a referral. I’m doing it. I’ve got them on the phone. They’re doing it quickly because they know that within a half hour that gift goes away.

My last bit of information is encourage people to share the video. If you’re doing something educational, say, “Hey, if you know of somebody that is,” let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you do a how-to video on staging an open house, you could say, “If you know of somebody that’s looking to sell, please pass my information along or share this video to them. I’d love to help them out to make sure that they don’t make a common mistake with the staging of their living room in their open house.” What that does is that encourages people to share your content, giving you more views, more leverage on your video time. It’s a great way for you to expand your network as well using these live videos.

I have a resource for you as always. I actually have my own program called Video Marketing 101 where I explain how to use videos, how to upload them, live videos. I give you these tips. I have many other ideas for different videos so that you can jump in here and use them. It’s a very thorough home study course. You can go to alexbranning.com/episode13, and get that resource. Also, I do want to remind you to check out the Perfect Webinar. The Perfect Webinar is a great free resource from Russell Brunson. I will have a link to that as well on my website, alexbranning.com/episode13. If you have any questions on this and you’re like, “Man, I am just stuck,” go ahead and reach out to me, alex@branninggroup.com, and we can set up a time to jump on the phone real quick. I’ll give you some ideas, answer your questions, and get you going. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. Have a great rest of your day.


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