23 Feb 2018

Why does ClickFunnels require SendGrid?

(originally posted by Catlin Bettridge in the ClickFunnels Facebook group)   Let's clear up some common misconceptions about Actionetics.. As many of you know, I have the $297/month Etison Suite plan from ClickFunnels, and I use Actionetics (with SendGrid) as my email marketing software.. I get asked the same 2 questions over and over again about Actionetics: 1.) If an…

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12 Sep 2017

Instagram verification badges… for sale?

These days, it doesn’t take much to build a following on Instagram: with a few hundred bucks and a Thai “click farm,” you can instantly amass thousands of fake followers, hearts, and comments. And to hide the fact that you’re a phony, you can even buy yourself verification -- that elusive little blue check mark next to your name that tells the…

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20 Jul 2017

Facebook changed their entire mission last month and you should know about it

Mark Zuckerberg recently changed Facebook's entire mission. It WAS "to reach the world" (i.e. get as many people on as possible) NOW it is "to connect the world" (create communities within Facebook)   What does that mean for you? How does that affect your business strategy?   I would encourage you (I'm to the point of begging, but not quite…

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19 Jul 2017

The future of course building

  As a digital marketer who has created dozens of courses of the past year and a half, I am starting to see a trend for the next year and a half. If you're planning on creating a course, keep this in mind so you can maximize your results.   1. Customers will demand more content and more support  …

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