Social Media Marketing

27 Jun 2018

3 Tips For Your Ad Campaign

3 Tips For Your Ad Campaign 1️⃣Make sure that you have very specific goals in mind for the number of people that you want to reach and the number of people that you want to take the next step. 2️⃣Retarget people who engage with your ad, but haven't taken action 3️⃣Give your campaing enough time and budget 👉Need some help?…

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08 Jun 2018

Business or Personal Facebook Page?

🤔One of the most common questions we get in the Branning Group is "Should I focus on building up my business page💼 or my personal page 👨‍👩‍👧?" 🌎In my opinion, you should focus on your business page. There are so many more resources available through a business page that makes a business page much more powerful 💪Watch the video to…

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07 Jun 2018

Changes Made By Facebook

🔥Facebook has made a lot of changes. Are you taking full advantage of all the changes? 💪 📣Have you ever thought of building your own Facebook group? It will allow people to hear from you on a regular basis and people will get to know you deeper. This could lead to more people working with you!💥 👍Also, because of the…

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27 Feb 2018

Social media marketing is free, but also can be painfully disappointing

Social media marketing is FREE to participate in... but so many businesses just do it wrong. And if that's you, if you haven't figured out how to make money on Facebook yet, it's not your fault! Here's the thing... social media marketing is changing so quickly, and not all of the training you're getting is up-to-date. You're doing your part,…

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02 Oct 2017

Dan Henry Curiosity Script – word for word

This is the infamous "Curiosity Script" that Dan Henry used to take dozens of new digital marketers to the $10k/month level:   I’m learning Facebook ads right now and about to add it to our service offering. So far we are getting amazing results! Before I start charging full price, I need to find a business willing to let me experiment with…

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08 Sep 2017

ManyChat + Zapier = A whole new day in online marketing!

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! ManyChat + Zapier = a whole new world in online marketing! You can connect ManyChat to AWeber, GMail, GoToWebinar and 750+ other apps Straight from ManyChat, here's some possibilities: This gives you unlimited opportunities for using our Messenger marketing platform together with your favorite CRM and email marketing services: Add a lead in your CRM when you…

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31 Aug 2017

Enhancing the experience for our social media clients [TIPS]

In our ongoing effort to make the process easier for our clients, we have made some minor updates to how we send our finished work and receive corrections from our clients.   Every month we send our clients a word document with all of the posts listed that we have created for them. This allows our clients to spend 20…

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25 Aug 2017

The top 7 reasons why people share on social media

We know that sharing is the best "quality of engagement" score on Facebook, but how do we get our content shared?   There was a recent study done, and they found that people will share content that is…   Amusing Surprising Heartwarming Beautiful Inspiring Warning Shocking   The strongest emotion driving a social media share is AMUSEMENT – in other words,…

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22 Aug 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: 21 Social Media Stats You Need to be Aware Of

It’s 2017 and social media has come into its own an important stage for digital communication. With such a large impact on any product or emerging idea, this new frontier calls for a change in everything from sales and leads to branding strategies and marketing campaigns, and I’m hoping to show you a few ways to take advantage of it.…

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