04 Apr 2018


What is it about our first love (or a new love) that makes it so EXCITING and FUN? Why do you entrepreneurs keep dropping the ball on things that are working to go chase a shiny new strategy? It all comes down to FOCUS. When we start falling in love our focus is on our new love interest. We chase…

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25 Feb 2018

How to download FB live video to Youtube & embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys, this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to download a Facebook Live video, upload that video to YouTube, and then embed it inside of ClickFunnels. All right so first thing you need to do is go to your Facebook page, or wherever you have the live video. Click on this timestamp and…

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24 Feb 2018

How to record using zoom upload to Youtube and embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to record a webinar using Zoom, upload that webinar to YouTube, and then embed that webinar into your Click Funnels account. Open up Zoom Click “Start Without Video” Click “Join Audio Conference by Computer” Share screen with your webinar Hover over “more” in the black…

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23 Feb 2018

How to send an email broadcast to a list in Clickfunnels

Hey guys, this is Ryan with the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to use ClickFunnels to send an email broadcast to a specific email list in your Click Funnels account.   Hover over "actionetics" and then click on broadcasts. Click "New Email Broadcast." Enter in your name, subject line, etc Choose which email list you want the…

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20 Feb 2018

How to import contact lists into Clickfunnels

Hey guys. This is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to import your current contact list into ClickFunnels.   Log in to ClickFunnels. Go to actionetics, hover over that and then click on email list. Add a new email list if you need to Click “import contacts” Choose the correct file to upload and match…

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11 Oct 2017

Start where you are! – by Steve Roller

This post was written by Steve Roller and is shared with his permission. Original post can be found here Back in 2009 and 2010 when I was starting out as a full-time copywriter, I was scrambling for crumbs underneath the table. I was hustling like crazy and taking on any clients I could get. My first full year in business…

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31 Aug 2017

Enhancing the experience for our social media clients [TIPS]

In our ongoing effort to make the process easier for our clients, we have made some minor updates to how we send our finished work and receive corrections from our clients.   Every month we send our clients a word document with all of the posts listed that we have created for them. This allows our clients to spend 20…

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