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25 Feb 2018

How to download FB live video to Youtube & embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys, this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to download a Facebook Live video, upload that video to YouTube, and then embed it inside of ClickFunnels. All right so first thing you need to do is go to your Facebook page, or wherever you have the live video. Click on this timestamp and…

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24 Feb 2018

How to record using zoom upload to Youtube and embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to record a webinar using Zoom, upload that webinar to YouTube, and then embed that webinar into your Click Funnels account. Open up Zoom Click “Start Without Video” Click “Join Audio Conference by Computer” Share screen with your webinar Hover over “more” in the black…

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02 Oct 2017

Dan Henry Curiosity Script – word for word

This is the infamous "Curiosity Script" that Dan Henry used to take dozens of new digital marketers to the $10k/month level:   I’m learning Facebook ads right now and about to add it to our service offering. So far we are getting amazing results! Before I start charging full price, I need to find a business willing to let me experiment with…

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08 Sep 2017

ManyChat + Zapier = A whole new day in online marketing!

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! ManyChat + Zapier = a whole new world in online marketing! You can connect ManyChat to AWeber, GMail, GoToWebinar and 750+ other apps Straight from ManyChat, here's some possibilities: This gives you unlimited opportunities for using our Messenger marketing platform together with your favorite CRM and email marketing services: Add a lead in your CRM when you…

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28 Aug 2017

CryptoCurrency Cheat Sheet

My friend Brad Hart created a free document for those of you interested in cryptocurrency. I have his permission to share it - for FREE - so go grab it while it's available! Cryptocurrency is a "digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of…

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23 Aug 2017

Becoming a $10k ClickFunnels affiliate (play by play)

So, this happened today...   I started earning my ClickFunnels affiliate commissions by getting traffic on a one-to-one basis, emailing people that I know with free funnels so they can get started.   I now use Facebook Ads and other forms of paid traffic to find new clients. I focus on certain niches that I work with on a regular…

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