13 Jul 2018

Fire Up Fridays July 13 – Want Fries With That?

GRAB THE BONUSES: http://alexbranning.com/fire FIRE UP FRIDAY! It's International Fries Day! Fries are the upsell, the thing you include to raise the profit of the order Don't shut down when you close the sale; there's still more work to do! - Order "Bump": offer something to include their core product (worksheets, web site hosting) - Order Upsell: offer something similar…

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06 Jul 2018

Fire Up Fridays July 6 – Teamwork, Dream 100

GRAB THE BONUSES: http://alexbranning.com/fire Teamwork is essential in business, even if you are a one person operation. Building a team, even if it is just a part-time virtual assistant, is a great exercise in delegation and being intentional with your time No one built an empire alone! Watch what Eric Lofholm is doing: he’s bringing on partners, hiring team members…

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29 Jun 2018

Fire Up Fridays: Opportunity Cost

FIRE UP FRIDAY! We all have goals that we want to reach, but there's something in our way that is stopping us. It could be our daily habits; and if it's our daily habits that are keeping us from reaching our potential then we need to focus on improving those habits. If your daily habits are not where they need…

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28 Jun 2018

The Giveaway Funnel

The Giveaway Funnel A giveaway funnel uses a small gift as an incentive for people to jump into your marketing funnel. You know what you have to offer is valuable and important, but not everyone knows that. Using a giveaway funnel allows you to get your foot in the door with potential clients! How does 100 new leads in the…

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27 Jun 2018

3 Tips For Your Ad Campaign

3 Tips For Your Ad Campaign 1️⃣Make sure that you have very specific goals in mind for the number of people that you want to reach and the number of people that you want to take the next step. 2️⃣Retarget people who engage with your ad, but haven't taken action 3️⃣Give your campaing enough time and budget 👉Need some help?…

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26 Jun 2018

Website Self Audit

If you have a website, stop the video and open it up in another tab. Let's do a self audit on your website! 1️⃣Is it really easy for a prospect to reach out and contact me? 2️⃣Am I fully describing my business and how I can serve customers? 3️⃣Are my past customers helping me close the deal? If any of…

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22 Jun 2018

Fire Up Fridays: Selling = Service

If you believe that the product that you are selling will benefit the life of the person who buys it, would it be a stretch for me to tell you that your hesitancy in picking up the phone is actually selfish? You probably think I'm crazy, but let me continue… Most first time sales people get into sales because they…

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