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07 Jun 2018

Changes Made By Facebook

🔥Facebook has made a lot of changes. Are you taking full advantage of all the changes? 💪 📣Have you ever thought of building your own Facebook group? It will allow people to hear from you on a regular basis and people will get to know you deeper. This could lead to more people working with you!💥 👍Also, because of the…

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06 Jun 2018

Bonfire vs Campfire Marketing

💥Bonfire Marketing or Campfire Marketing 🔥 🤔Is your marketing scaring people away😬 or inviting people into your business/product😄? It might be easy to think you need to have "bonfire marketing" but that is probably just scaring people away. Watch the video to learn more!✅ 👉Need help with your marketing campaign? Schedule a free 30 minute strategy session with Alex at…

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05 Jun 2018

3 Ideas For Your Next Blog

👨🏻‍💻If you are a blogger, do you ever feel stuck? Do you have writer's block?😤 Well watch the video for 3 ideas for your next blog! I also share a bonus tip on how to immediately double your readers!😄 1️⃣ Answer one of the most common questions that you get in your business 2️⃣Talk about mistakes people make when they…

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04 Jun 2018

Building A List Tips & Examples

🔥Building a list tips & examples!🔥 🛠You should be building a list of prospects that you can reach out to later and you can market to your leads for the next 5, 10, 20 years! 👉Free Five Day List Building Tutorial: ☎Schedule a call with Alex:

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