March 12, 2018 alexbranning

Etsy Marketing Ideas – Facebook Group, Instagram and More

I was recently messaged by a friend asking for advice on how to grow her Etsy store.

I shared with her my “battle plan”:

I would do two things:

  1. Create a Facebook Group for your customers where you drop special deals, and make sure to invite all of your customers there. To make it easy on you, I would sign up for Buffer so that you can schedule your posts
  2. Start posting on Instagram, and make sure you use the relevant/hot hashtags!
  3. Tell your story about WHY you’re doing this, and what your goals are. Your audience doesn’t want to be sold, but they do want to support you!
  4. Photos will make or break your store’s growth! Take a little extra time to stage nice photos. For bonus points, use your kids as models!
  5. Live videos that show you excited about your product are a great way to share your passion for your store! When you make a live video, share your WHY and post a link to your store!

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